The Open Language Resource Center (OLRC) is one of sixteen federally-funded National Foreign Language Resource Centers working to increase the nation’s capacity to teach and learn foreign languages.  Founded in 2018, the OLRC focuses on the creation of Open Educational Resources for language learners at the secondary and post-secondary level.  Center projects strike a careful balance between breadth of audience and degree of need, prioritizing projects that are of a scale to replace or significantly supplement commercial curricula.  Project work is grounded in research on effective teaching strategies and is informed by engagement with the K-16 language community on issues of curricular reform and professional development.  For updates on these projects and new about upcoming events, join the OLRC mailing list!


Materials Creation

Discover the wide range of resources being created by the OLRC, including complete curricula for French, KiSwahili, Spanish and Turkish, and supplemental materials for many more languages.


Upcoming Events

Learn more about the OLRC's workshops on language pedagogy and assessment, our World Languages Fair for K-12, and our conference focused on open educational resources.


Open Access at KU

Explore the history of Open Access at the University of Kansas, including Open Educational Resources created by faculty in our modern language departments and area studies centers