Other Language OER at KU

Over the last decade, the language faculty at KU have created a wide range of Open Educational Resources (OER), loosely defined as teaching and learning materials distributed to the public at little or no cost.  This work takes place within a broader university focus on Open Access that can be traced back over twenty years and was codified in 2010 when the Faculty Senate passed a resolution declaring that “[t]he faculty of the University of Kansas (KU) is committed to sharing the intellectual fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible and lowering barriers to its access".  KU’s strong commitment to Open Access can also be seen in the Libraries’ 2016 OER Grant Initiative, which supports the adoption of OER on campus, and a Provost-level Textbook Working Group focused on the broader issue of textbook affordability.  The Open Language Resource Center is, as such, the logical evolution of years of institutional investment in Open Access and the abiding commitment of the faculty at the University of Kansas to promote the study of languages.

Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

  • Supplementary Materials for Svašta u Mojoj Glavi. Structured intermediate-level materials to facilitate reading Miro Gavran's young-adult novel about life in the Croatian countryside. Includes extensive glossing and annotation as well as comprehension questions and various other activities to engage the learner in a more in-depth examination of the text and its language.


  • Au Boulot! A beginning-level college French program consisting of two textbooks and four workbooks with an accompanying audio supplement and reference grammar guide.
  • Chapeau!. A beginning-level college French program consisting of a textbook and workbook with accompanying audio exercises.


  • Medianstunde. Online activities with downloadable worksheets with thematics suitable for any introductory German curriculum.
  • Deutsche Grammarfon. Online activities for introductory German that teach grammar through an exploration of popular music - includes video explanations and computer-graded exercises.

Haitian Creole




  • Imanalla: An Introduction to Kechwa. A complete curriculum for an introductory Quichua program providing basic reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities as well as exposure to Quichua culture.
  • Kechwa Stories. A collection of short passages in Kechwa with accompanying comprehension questions and audio intended for students at the beginning level of learning the language.
  • Kechwa-English-Spanish Trilingual Dictionary. A trilingual dictionary with parallel entries for Kechwa, English, and Spanish. An online version of the dictionary with audio should be released shortly.


  • Между нами: An Interactive Introduction to Russian! A complete curriculum for beginning Russian consisting of an online textbook, two classroom workbooks, and two homework workbooks. Winner of the 2016 Access to Language Education award from the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium and the 2017 Best Book in Pedgogy from the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages.



  • English-Somali Dictionary. An online dictionary with audio that allows searches in either language or by thematic category.