hujambo splash
Image courtesy of World Bank Photo Collection.

Hujambo! (Hello!) provides a complete curriculum for introductory Kiswahili organized into eight units that chronicle the adventures of two American students studying abroad in Tanzania for an academic year.  Learners follow them from their arrival at the airport until they depart home, providing an opportunity to learn about their host families, academic pursuits, and free time with friends.  Conversations with members of the local community, as well as emails and texts they send to one another, will provide meaningful insight about their encounters with a new culture and how it shapes their view of the larger world.

The curriculum is built following backward design with units organized thematically to provide a broad overview of Swahili language and culture.  Each unit introduces the desired learning outcomes followed by a list of summative performance assessment tasks.  Units begin with dialogues or monologues that model the language, cultural content, and targeted grammatical constructions before moving on to carefully scaffolded comprehension and information gap activities that encourage interaction with classmates.

The first three chapters are available for download below, with chapter four available during Spring 2022.  The remaining chapters will be released serially as they are completed.