Добра форма (

Lviv City in the evening
Image courtesy of Derrick Brutel.


Dobra forma (Good Form) provides a web-based overview of Ukrainian grammar with contextualized activities that enable students to internalize correct grammatical forms as they focus on the communication of meaning.  This approach recognizes that students need to see, hear, and process a target structure in context multiple times before they can reliably produce it themselves.  The modules begin with activities that encourage students to comprehend what is said or written before they focus on how the target structure encodes that meaning; and only after these crucial, initial steps will the students proceed to activities in which they produce the target structures themselves.  Known in Second Language Studies as structured input and structured output, these activities will enable students to gain an implicit knowledge of grammar that will increase their ability to interpret new structures.

All modules in this project are complete.  An searchable glossary with audio will be released by summer 2022, along with guidance for independent learners and classroom use.