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The Acceso curriculum, which debuted in Fall 2008, has been adopted by numerous colleges and universities and is widely used by Spanish teachers at the secondary level, particularly those teaching Advanced Placement courses. The new edition of Acceso updates existing materials, remove items that have become less relevant with the passage of time, and creates new modules that reflect more current issues like the Dreamers, Puerto Rican statehood in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Catalonian movement toward independence from Spain, and the Venezuelan government’s crackdown on political opposition.  This new edition of Acceso will also absorb content from the subsequently produced El español en los Estados Unidos, which focuses on issues of cultural identity of Spanish speakers in the United States, and includes upgrades to the online quizzes, the online glossary, and the explanatory grammar videos. To aid in the adoption process, the revised edition will also debut an improved instructor resource area that will include updated daily lesson plans, sample tests, and other curricular supports. This work will be accompanied by a renewed push to promote Acceso both as an Open Access resource and as a venue for sharing curricular materials.