Le pont (

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Image courtesy of Tom Corser.


While resources abound for students working to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency, many students struggle with the transition to the more broadly focused classes at the advanced level. Le pont is intended to bridge this gap while promoting cultural understanding of the varied groups of people who share French as a common language.  It requires students to analyze target structures within context and make their own observations about when and how those structures are used. Providing students with this preview of the target structures will allow learning through a flipped model, freeing up class time to work on more open-ended communicative activities that explore the Francophone world.  Modules in this project will be released in a serialized fashion with two chapters produced each year and work completed during the summer of 2022.

Additional instructor materials are available on request. In order to ensure that these materials are released only to language teachers, we ask that you submit your request to from an official school email account.